Earth, Wind and Herpes

Hi! I'm a 24 year old city girl who was diagnosed with HSV2 (aka genital herpes) almost three years ago but who refuses to give up on the idea of love (and really good sex) despite it. I've only just begun my journey of self-acceptance, self-love and self-discovery. I hope to chronicle my life relating to the virus and social stigma, create a support system and hopefully be there for anyone going through the same thing.

According to the CDC, 1 in every 6 sexually active people ages 12 and up, has HSV2. One in every two will contract an STC (sexually transmitted condition) in their lifetime. Get informed, get educated and always use protection!

Please check out the FAQs before submitting questions to make sure they haven't already been answered. :)

Note: When asking questions, submitting stories, etc, don't use the word "clean" to refer to people without STDs, as it implies that those who do are "dirty". It's offensive and makes me uncomfortable. I won't answer your question if you use that term.

For us to change the narrative and get rid of HSV stigma, we first have to change our own narrative and start by noting how we unconsciously propagate it ourselves.

My email is if anyone ever wants to email me. :)
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My feel good song of the day. It’s so fun and happy and ahhh, I love it!

"So I hope the doctor’s speculum isn’t the only thing inside me today ;)". I’m so smooth ahaha.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
so due to asymptomatic shedding, the chances of spreading the virus is like the same as if you kissed someone with a visible sore? if so, the body is ridiculous! but if we have the same strand of hsv, is the chance lessened? because the definition of asymptomatic sounds to me i could give oral and it's like its still being transferred cause it's shedding without a visible sore. (even though my partner can have the same 1 or 2 as me)
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

Not really. Herpes is transmitted when the virus is shedding or “active”. It’s definitely active when there’s an OB/coldsore but it may or may not be active when there’s no OB present. Chances are reduced when it’s a few days after an OB and depend on things like how strong your immune system is, antivirals, your stress levels and how long you’ve had the virus for.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If my boyfriend and I both have GHSV1 and I have a small rash but nothing more, is there a chance it could spread to other parts of our bodies if we have sex?
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

Are you sure the rash is HSV related? Herpes isn’t spread to other parts of the body just by touching an active area. You need a mucous-y area with an open wound, with added friction. If someone with herpes rubs their active vulva on someone’s calf or thigh, that doesn’t mean it’ll be transmitted. Same as if that person rubs their active vulva on someone else with HSV’s thigh or arm or wherever, it’s not going to migrate like that.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
That's great that it's helping you emotionally wise! the pill REALLY help calm down my periods. i used to get severe periods. (throwing up, over heating, dizzy) especially when it was hot.. every month I'd always be absent from school on the 8th because of it haha, wish I thought about getting on it sooner!
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

I’m glad it has helped! Yay for good side-effects!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey dudes. I know everyone's body is different and this responds differently to BC, but I'm on lutera and it's been a god send since day 1. My periods are lighter, I have less mood swings, and it hasn't failed me yet! When I first went to PP to get my BC, the nurse recommended it since it's a low dosage that wouldn't wreak havoc on my body. Ask your doctor if Lutera is right for you! Hahahaha. :)
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

Haha thanks for this! I’ll keep it in mind for future reference if I have to change it. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your new romance inspires me. Keep being happy. It's beautiful.
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

Haha aw, thanks anon! I try not to write too much about it on here because I know it can be crappy reading about happy relationships when you’re single and feeling lonely.

But yeah, it’s been wonderful! I’ve never had a long-term, healthy relationship before so it’s really nice. Granted, it’s been a little over month but hopefully it’s the first of many.

He’s wonderful and I could gush about how funny, intelligent, handsome, understanding and interesting he is all day. He’s my puzzle piece.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've been on Ortho since September (another brand since June) and you're gonna have to get used to the side effects for about 3 months! (cramps, random bleeding, headaches, etc, possible yeast infections) but it's really worth it if you don't feel like using condoms.. what time do you take yours? just know theres a 3hr window if you forget to take it.
earthwindandherpes earthwindandherpes Said:

Oh sweet, thanks! I take it at 11:15 every morning. I have an alarm on my phone that reminds me and so far so good.

This week has been much better regarding side-effects. Still a bit mood-swingy but no where as bad as last week, and no real cramps. I actually think The Pill is helping my anxiety. I’m about to lose my job (someone with higher seniority is taking my position, at no fault of my own) and I’m not feeling panicked at all. For someone that used to have bi-weekly/monthly panic attacks, this is a big deal!

Because dealing with a diagnosis can be a process of healing from grief too.

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I’m so nauseous I want to puke.

At what point do you try a different type?

They usually make you stay on it for 3 months :/ I was so nauseous and miserable when I first started. And I also started eating before I took it and felt better. So, you may have to wait awhile for symptoms to subside.

But if you’re that miserable, you can probably switch sooner. I hope so.

Yeah, 3 months of feeling like crap is a terrible plan. :(

my first BC made me really dizzy and I switched a month in, just ask your doctor

Thankfully I felt better yesterday and have an appt with my new GYN on Thursday. 3 months of feeling bad sounds awful. No thanks!